How to convert BTU/hr to kW

How to convert British Thermal Units per hour (BTU/hr) to kilowatts (kW).

One BTU/hr is equal to 0.00029307107 kilowatts:

1 BTU/hr = 0.00029307107 kW

BTU/hr to kilowatts conversion formula

The power in kilowatts P(kW) is equal to the power in BTUIT per hour P(BTU/hrdivided by 3412.142:

P(kW) = P(BTU/hr) / 3412.142

Example 1

Convert 10000 BTU/hr to kilowatts:

P(kW) = 10000 BTU/hr / 3412.142 = 2.930kW

Example 2

Convert 30000 BTU/hr to kilowatts:

P(kW) = 30000 BTU/hr / 3412.142 = 8.792kW

Example 3

Convert 40000 BTU/hr to kilowatts:

P(kW) = 40000 BTU/hr / 3412.142 = 11.722kW

Example 4

Convert 60000 BTU/hr to kilowatts:

P(kW) = 60000 BTU/hr / 3412.142 = 17.584kW

Example 5

Convert 110000 BTU/hr to kilowatts:

P(kW) = 110000 BTU/hr / 3412.142 = 32.237kW



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