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There are 2 ways to save the text

  1. The text is saved every time you close the Notepad tab, in the browser's local cache. When you enter again to the Notepad page, the text will reapear.
  2. The text is saved/backuped to the hard drive when you press the Save button. To reopen the text from the hard drive, press the Open button and select the text file that you created.

Configuration parameters

Important information

  • If the previous session's text is missing:
    • If text exists, select and copy it with Ctrl+C and paste it with Ctrl+V in the Notepad page:

    • Copy text from updated text file that was generated by Auto save operation to the Download folder (if exist).
    • Check if you are looking at the same computer that you used previously.
    • Enable browser cookies and history.
    • Do not use browser's private/incognito mode. The text local storage will be deleted by the browser when you close the browser's window.
    • Try to add/remove the www from the URL in the browser's address bar.
  • The Notepad's text will not be saved with incognito/private mode browsing !!!
  • The saved Notpad's text might be deleted when you delete your browsing history/cache or run disk cleaning application (E.g. Windows Disk cleanup / CCleaner) !!!
  • If file Open button does not work, please reload the page and try again.
  • Use Notepad with updated browser version. If you use Internet Explorer, copy your text to a modern browser (e.g Chrome/Edge/Firefox).
  • The notepad's text is auto saved to the browser's local cache (not safe).
  • The notepad's text can be auto saved (backup) to the hard drive, according to the auto save duration in View > Preferences menu.
  • You can backup the Notepad's text to the hard drive, using the Save button or menu File > Save.
  • For Mac use ⌘ Command instead of Ctrl key.
  • To open saved file, look for the file in the Downloads folder.
  • If backgound lines do not scroll, hide the lines: uncheck menu View > Preferences > Text lines
  • Save button or menu File > Save save the file to the Downloads folder. See: Where do files go when downloaded?
  • If Text lines are not visible, please try to use Chrome browser.
  • If the spell check is not working, try to enable it in your browser's Settings>Languages section. If not defined, you can also try to set English (United States) in your browser's language setting.

Shortcut keys table

Operation Shortcut key Description
New   clear the text area
Open Ctrl+O open text file from hard disk
Save Ctrl+S save text to current file in hard disk
Save As...   save text to new file in hard disk
Print Ctrl+P print text
Cut Ctrl+X copy and delete selected text
Copy Ctrl+C copy selected text
Paste Ctrl+V paste text that was cut or copied
Delete Delete Delete selected text
Select all Ctrl+A Select all text
Undo Ctrl+Z undo last editing change
Redo Ctrl+Y do again editing change
Zoom out   decrease font size
Zoom in   increase font size
Help   Show this page




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